Our background

What defines us
The Ortler family hotel is now in its third generation. Since ‘stagnation’ is an alien concept to us mountain folk, our establishment has continuously evolved over the years. It has seen repeated expansion, and innovation while maintaining its traditional charm. And even if nowadays our devices and services have become “smarter”, we make sure we don’t lose our character.
Of course, some changes have been inevitable. Instead of traditional singalongs in the hotel pub as in the past, our guests might prefer to relax with a creative cocktail at the hotel bar, or delight in taking selfies around our renovated pool. Though the Ortler Hotel has all the mod cons, I must confess that we still enjoy our evening singalongs in the pub 😊.
It all started many years ago when great-grandma, Antonia, first picked out and fell in love with this scenic spot – persuading her husband Sepp to purchase it in 1971. They decided to name the new guesthouse the “Pension Ortler”, due to its magnificent views. Later, it underwent a series of expansions and by 1981, our parents Heidi and Walter had taken over and developed it into a three-star hotel. A growing number of patrons began returning to the Ortler, during their holidays in Castelrotto/Kastelruth. It was above all Heidi who, for more than 35 years, has been the life and soul of the Hotel Ortler. Picking up her accordion, she would start playing the old mountain songs, providing the soundtrack to numerous unforgettable evenings.

Ramona and Armin: Exploring the world

As Heidi’s daughter, I first wanted to experience something of the world before taking over the reins. After completing my schooling and the hotel management college, I went on to study tourism management at university. After graduating, I worked in Germany and elsewhere abroad, before returning to join the family business. My husband Armin also discovered his passion for the hospitality industry early on. Travelling around the world as a sommelier, he gained valuable experience working in top-rate hotels, before realising that the best place for him is home. Our paths had crossed and together we took over the running of the Hotel Ortler. Thankfully, we shared similar values and passion for what we do. More than just a profession, to us gastronomy is a vocation, which we practice in our daily lives.

Who we are

One family: one team!
Our staff structure is very clear, in fact our team consists of our family. 😊Let us introduce ourselves:


Not only am I mum of two junior scouts, but also the voice you’ll hear at the other end of the line when you call us. I take care of all the paperwork, pay the bills … and whatever is needed in running an establishment like this. You’ll receive all the necessary information about your reservation from me, to be sure that everything works out well! I also take care of the daily breakfast buffet, and your satisfaction is key to what I do!


As the dad, I’m (of course) also responsible for two junior explorers. Other than that, I’m responsible for the overall guest experience, and make sure that our guests feel at home. Aren’t that what holidays should be all about? It means I’m the house chef, in charge of the bar, as well as doing the shopping (a man’s job here). I’m the maintenance guy, which includes mowing the lawn, and taking care of general repairs. In the evenings you’ll find me behind the bar, mixing drinks and cocktails. I easily step into my role as sommelier, happy to recommend the best of our local award-winning wines. I’ll gladly share the best hiking and skiing tips in our region. In short, I’m a bit of an all-rounder.


In the fourth generation of our family, these little folks always keep us on our toes. Lively Sofia is still at primary school, and you’ll find her all over the place, entertaining everyone with her cheerful nature.


Little Simon, on the other hand is more of a mover and shaker, rocking his kindergarten. At home in the outdoors, it’s obvious that he’s a budding sportsman. His favourite trick is showing little guests the best places to play in the garden.


Ecaterina isn’t just pleasant; she smiles a lot and seems always in a good mood. It’s little wonder that her friendly and approachable manner generates a flurry of activity around her. She’s in charge of the Ortler’s housekeeping, and is happy to assist wherever needed.