Holidays at the Ortler in Castelrotto: a hotel with a difference!

Why choose us
Let’s say right from the start that the Ortler is not like any ordinary hotel. When the two of us took over the family business from our parents, we soon realized that we wanted to transform it into something different. We had no interest in running a standard establishment like any other, simply providing accommodation with breakfast – or even a Spa hotel, which seems to be fashionable these days. Unlike the “bigger is better” way of doing things, our philosophy is in fact quite the opposite. “Compact, cosy, and personal Y”, better reflects who we are. The Ortler Hotel is a friendly living place for real people to enjoy during their holidays in Castelrotto/Kastelruth, where they can have fun and let out their emotions. Just as they would at home. Our hotel is down to earth and unpretentious. Contemporary, without trying to be sophisticated. This is how we characterise ourselves.
We’ve created a “smart” and compact establishment offering comfort, and a variety of personalised services to our guests – as well as a venue for get-togethers. The Ortler is a place where you can really switch off, letting the daily hustle and bustle go out the window.
What’s our formula? Having travelled around the world, we are open to new ideas. We don’t just see ourselves as hoteliers – but also as guests. So, we try to understand your needs from the guest’s perspective. It’s the same as what we look for when we’re in a foreign country, so we know what our patrons want.
If you’re interested in a neat and cosy establishment with character on the green mountain slopes of South Tyrol, then the Ortler Hotel might just be the right place for you!

A warm welcome from the Trocker Family!
Ramona and Armin, Sofia and Simon

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Making yourself at home

[EAlpine traditions and innovation
When one thinks of a hotel, it could vary from a generations-old family establishment to an out-of-the-way motel in some godforsaken place, to a multistorey skyscraper in a metropolis like New York. All of these are hotels, yet they don’t have much in common. Even so, it’s hard to tell the difference between many hotels around the world.

Based around our local culture, tradition and surroundings, our family establishment is above all down-to-earth. And yet, we’re also interested in innovation. We have deep roots in our South Tyrolean homeland, and we’re proud to show it to our visitors. This land, these mountains, and our family hotel here in Castelrotto/Kastelruth are all part of us! At our place,we want you to feel at home. Starting with your arrival, we invite you to enjoy your stay, and make yourself at home.

The Hilpold Family

My name is Ramona, and together with my husband, Armin, we run the Ortler day in and day out. This is where I grew up, and where we now live with our two children, Sofia, and Simon. You might see them sitting in front of the computer, down at the reception or playing in the garden. Before going to school in the mornings, they make a beeline for the breakfast buffet. This is all part of family life. Not only are we family oriented, we also like exchanging ideas and sharing tips with our guests.
I think we have one special advantage over the bigger establishments. Our personalized service stems from our passion and dedication, which in turn enables our guests to enjoy their stay with us from start to finish. We’re able to quickly respond to your wishes in person – without delays or complications. That's what we mean by “smart”.

Winter emotions at Hotel Ortler

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