The Ortler’s culinary delights ...

Gourmet breakfasts
Early in the morning the smell of fresh coffee wafts through our establishment. A varied breakfast buffet offers regional specialities from across South Tyrol and the Dolomites: including freshly baked croissants, doughnuts, and pastries, as well as homemade jams. Local sausages and cheeses, yogurt, butter, and fresh farm eggs are all from the region. There’s nothing that can beat fresh seasonal produce! And if you have any special requests, we’ll gladly try to satisfy your needs.

Cuisine at the Hotel Ortler

Delicious delights, cool cocktails
As a child, I loved being in the kitchen with my dad, peering into his cooking pots and helping in general. Cutting, peeling, stirring ...

Once I asked my dad, “How should I do this?”
He answered: "Do it the way you’d like it yourself.”

That's exactly how we do things here at the Ortler. Using the best locally sourced ingredients available, we specialise in South Tyrolean traditional dishes. Sometimes these platters might be reinterpreted, or they may follow grandma's recipe to a “T”: savoury dumplings, sumptuous spaghetti, and juicy roasts. You name it. Understandably, these are the most popular dishes after a long hike or outdoors on the ski slopes!
Think less,
enjoy more.
Our kind of cuisine doesn’t rely on processed condiments or foods. Armin makes everything from scratch. Our regional dishes are designed to exalt the farm-fresh quality of the ingredients. Besides our fixed daily menu, we also offer a limited number of alternatives. We see this as a win-win, designed to avoid wastages: for you, for us, as well as for Nature. Sustainably managed cuisine with delicious food served at your table. That’s how we like it.

The Ortler Hotel restaurant is closed on Wednesdays: that’s one day a week our chef needs to recharge his batteries. (Exception: New Year's Eve)

What else is there to discover?

Our traditional "Stube"

The Bar

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